When you have expensive electronics items, PACKPRO is the business partner you want. We manufacture packaging for all types of electronics items. No matter how delicate, how large, or how small, we package it. Our engineers are experts at package design. They find the most important dimensions of your product and cater to them.


We also providing Textiles Boxes that are highly durable and long lasting in nature. These Textiles Boxes are manufactured using quality material and cater to various textile industries. Further, these boxes are available in printing packaging boxes and are offered at economical prices.


We are specialists in Flower packaging as we make flower boxes that are amazing. We create flower delivery boxes that are innovative, attractive and easily posted across Angola.This means that we’re able to produce boxes that not only protect flowers and plants but which are stunning too. We also produce regular and functional standard corrugated cardboard packaging for Horticulture.


We manufacture and supply quality Corrugated Boxes for Processed Food Packaging. These cases are particularly composed into distinctive measurements according to the customer's details to guarantee ideal space use. We examine the whole range of Processed Food packaging boxes from our end so that we can supply defect free range at very competitive rates.


Whether you’re shipping, displaying, or storing your food and products, we have the perfect packaging solution that preserves quality, freshness, and taste. Our design engineers consider every factor in the conception and construction of our corrugated products, including your industry, climate conditions, and any specific needs to ensure food safety.


Our molded pulp flat and toppers are made of 100% recycled, recyclable, and compostable material that are perfect for a wide variety of eggs.