About Us

PACKPRO prides itself in manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes for a wide range of industry. We keep in stock various fast-moving boxes and can make up any customized box according to requirements and specifications.

Corrugated cardboard is available in many different combinations and flutes. The most appropriate combination is determined from our technical sales and design team, who understands your products and industry and therefore provides you with the suitable solution to your needs. When buying cardboard boxes, one needs to determine your requirements by looking at the product’s palletizing, storage, transport and distribution requirements. Our aim is to ensure your goods are well protected, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.



Corrugated board is made from layers of paper. Paper used in corrugated manufacture can be made from cellulose (virgin) fiber obtained from wood, or it can be made from recovered material from recycled paper and packaging products.

As a naturally renewable resource, the wood pulp used in the manufacture of corrugated material comes exclusively from controlled forestry.

Corrugated, a leading material in containers and packaging, is recyclable and biodegradable. Thanks to recycling, a used box becomes raw material within weeks of its original manufacture, creating a huge benefit for the environment as renewable resource. The corrugated packaging industry is responsible for CO2 emissions equating to less than half the emissions generated by all other packaging industries put together.

PACKPRO is aware of its responsibility towards our planet. Be it use of recycled paper or controlled use or virgin fiber, we encourage and support sustainable manufacture and development.


PACKPRO is a company formed of independent corrugated producers with a passion for and unrivalled knowledge of their own local markets. We offer the widest range of corrugated products, produced using the very latest technology. Our aims are to provide the highest level of service, quality and efficiency.

The combination of local knowledge, with a global outlook, makes us unique in the corrugated sector, allowing faster responses to market demands and the highest level of flexibility in our service offering.


Being tailor-made, containers and packaging made from corrugated materials, are space-wise; saving every millimeter on pallet, in warehouses and on trucks. They do not carry air and are fit for purpose at every stage of design.

Comparing single-use biodegradable containers with non-biodegradable re-usable containers, corrugated is always the best option. The use of corrugated packaging reduces the number of vehicles on the road, reducing costs and lowering overall environmental impact.

Corrugated packaging offers the highest level of hygiene across any supply chain. Used only once, as a single trip transport medium, paper-based packaging demands nothing from harsh, polluting chemical cleaning.

Our long-term vision of the future is one of sustainability and environmental stewardship, led by every one of our members in a united stance of continual responsibility.


PACKPRO connects people to products through sustainable packaging. We regularly conduct our own consumer insights research to keep our customers informed about changing consumer preferences for packaging and its impact on purchase behaviour, product satisfaction and brand trust.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, packaging is playing an increasingly vital role in consumers’ lives. Consumers want packaging to be safe, sustainable and provide a unique brand experience.