About Us

As an Angola’s leading corrugated packaging manufacturer for integration paper converting, FSF Global has a box plant in Luanda.

With advanced, automated corrugators and printing & processing equipment, We manufacture all kinds of high quality and eco-friendly corrugated containers, corrugated sheet boards, display containers, and paper pallets and provides pre-print service. By fulfilling the packaging and transportation demands of various trades through a dedicated team, we win recognition of Angola’s branded customers for quality excellence & superior protection, professional technology, and unrivaled service.

To cope with the rising demand for high strength, short delivery time, eco-friendly products with a delicate look, and small-volume with multiple lots, we offer innovative and value-added service in order to increase the added value of paper containers, fulfill the special needs of customers, turn product packages into a best marketing tool, and assist customers with optimizing logistics management and enhancing competitiveness.



With our broad reach across Angola, FSF GLOBAL has an impact throughout the packaged goods value chain. We aim to drive positive change throughout: from sustainable sourcing of our key raw materials to minimising our operational impact and lowering the environmental footprint of our customers and consumers.

Shifting the global economy from linear to circular flows will be key to tackling sustainability challenges. The transformation will drive a new era of opportunity in material efficiency, social inclusiveness and creative approaches to products and services.

For us circularity quite simply makes good business sense: we replace the natural resources we need, use 75% recycled fibre in our products and reuse materials whenever we can. We continue to explore new opportunities for material efficiency, innovation and reuse, and it is our ambition to maintain a leading role as the circular economy goes mainstream.

Working towards global sustainability gives business new opportunities and will drive innovation. At the same time, it requires all parts of society to set common targets.


Using Pantone colours as a primary colour reference, and by utilising a combination of the latest technologies and traditional printing processes, we’ve significantly enhanced our printing capabilities to ensure all our packaging products look as spectacular as they are exceptionally well-built.

For a stunning flexographic finish on any corrugated box, we can work from your supplied artwork and positioning requirements to create a bespoke printing stereo that is capable of printing designs in 1 to 6 colours. Meanwhile, more intricate designs are handled by our state-of-the-art digital printing machines to ensure a sharp and detailed finish.

All colour inks used in our printing processes are specially mixed in-house. If we are not able to produce a recipe for the exact colour you require, inks will be made-to-order from one of our trusted suppliers.


With such a wide selection of material options to choose from, picking the right board grade is essential — ensuring the structural integrity, functionality, and visual presentation of your corrugated packaging remains optimal throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our team can help with your decision making on material based on your box requirements and its intended application. Whether it’s your primary goal to capture the attention of customers through striking imagery, safeguard valuable items during transportation, or both, we can provide a variety of corrugated materials best suited for the job.